Hydrostatic Force Sensor

A new kind of force sensor which detects forces by measuring an induced
pressure change in a material of large Poisson’s ratio was designed
and built. In this investigation, mathematical expressions for the
sensor’s sensitivity and bandwidth were developed. It was shown that
the sensor sensitivity can be much larger and its bandwidth is usually
smaller than those of existing strain-gage-type sensors. This force
sensor is well-suited for measuring large but slowly varying forces.
It can be installed in a space smaller than that required by existing
sensors. To verify the theoretical derivation, a prototype force sensor
was custom designed to fit a linear actuator on the Titan II slave
arm designed and built by Schilling Development of Davis, California.
This prototype hydrostatic force sensor can measure compressive forces
up to 7,200 lb-f and tensile forces up to 3,500 lb-f.