Biomimetic Robotics


Bio-mimetic fish with actuated caudal fin for propulsion and actuated pectoral fins for dynamic lift & turning

Four-legged walking machines Four-legged biomimetic insects utilizing mechanical linkages combined with centralized actuation mechanism.
Three-legged walking machines Robot to explore vibrational locomotion using three high-frequency solenoid pulses to propel & rotate itself.
Electromechanical Gecko

Bio-mimetic gecko exhibiting incline climbing behaviour.

Electromechanical Snake Bio-mimetic snake using two-segment linear-drive actuators.
Electromechanical Frog Bio-mimetic frog with solenoid driven project exploring symmetric and asymmetric rear propulsion.

Exploratory project where wheels are equipped with compliant leg-like spokes. The compliant spokes lead to a jumping natural frequency for the car which are excited when the car travels over uneven terrains.