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About ExoHiker™

ExoHiker™was designed for carrying heavy loads during long missions.

  • Weight: 31 lbf including power unit, batteries and on-board computer
  • Payload: 150 lbf while the wearer feels no load
  • Noise: virtually imperceptible
  • Mission Duration: without small pack-mounted solar panel: 42 miles for a pound of battery (Lithium Polymer) at the average speed 2.5 mph. With a small solar panel, its mission time will be unlimited.

Example: Due to an unprecedented actuation and power delivery technology, an 80 W-hour battery which weighs 1.2 pounds is sufficient to power this exoskeleton to carry 150 pound of load for 21 hours while the wearer feels no load on her/his shoulder.

  • Interface: small hand-held LCD display
  • Special features: easy-stow™retractable legs, quick release emergency egress from backpack and/or exoskeleton, and unfettered driving of vehicles while wearing the exo.

The construction of ExoHiker™was completed in February 2005.

Watch a video of the ExoHiker™in action.