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About ExoClimber™

ExoClimber™ is designed to allow rapid ascent of stairs and steep slopes while providing the same long term load carrying capability of ExoHiker™.

  • Weight: 50 lbf including power unit and on-board computer.
  • Payload: the wearer feels no vertical load with weight up to 150 lbf.
  • Noise: As quiet as an office printer.
  • Mission Range : At least 600 foot ascent per pound of battery while carrying 150 pound payload.

Example: The Empire State Building is 1200′ tall and one would require a two-pound battery to carry a 150-pound load to its top floor.

  • Other optional energy sources include a small fuel cell.
  • Interface: small hand-held LCD display.
  • Special features: Easy-Stow™retractable legs, quick release emergency egress from backpack and/or exoskeleton.