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Electric IAD

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About Electric IAD

The Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) are the simplest non- anthropomorphic form of the upper extremity systems that augments human capabilities. At the top of the device, a computer controlled electric actuator is attached directly to a ceiling, wall, or an overhead crane and moves a strong wire rope precisely, and with a controllable speed. Attached to the wire rope is a sensory end-effector where the operator hand, the IAD, and the load come in contact. The end-effector includes a load interface subsystem and an operator interface subsystem. The load interface subsystem is designed to interface with a variety of loads and holding devices. Hooks, suction cups and grippers are examples of other connections to the end-effector. The operator interface subsystem includes an ergonomic handle, which contains a high performance sensor for measuring the magnitude of the vertical force exerted on the handle by the operator. A signal representing the operator force is transmitted to a computer controller, which controls the actuator of the IAD. Using the measurement of the operator force and other calculations, the controller assigns the necessary speed to either raise or lower the wire rope to create enough mechanical strength to assist the operator in the lifting task as required.

Applications of IADs in Palletizing and Depalletizing Operations (boxes with top)

Applications of IADs in Palletizing and Depalletizing Operations (boxes without top)

Applications of IADs in Airports

Applications of IADs for Automobiles

Cargo Handing System